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Subutex Detox

Subutex Detox

Drug addiction is one of the many battles that are being fought daily due to the easy accessibility of these substances.The abuse of recreational drugs is a serious problem in today’s society as it is difficult to stop when addiction takes over.

Several hard drugs are being abused, one of which is opium. Subutex is a medication used to minimize withdrawal symptoms of opium during treatment. It is the trademark name of the generic drug buprenorphine, which is a common chemical compound found in addiction treatment medications.

Subutex is an approved medication with proof of effectiveness, so how has it become a problem?

Replacing Addiction

With the introduction of Subutex into the body system, it carries out similar chemical reactions as recreational drugs, except it doesn't have a harsh effect on the body system.

As a result, it is easy to handle withdrawal symptoms. This however results in another problem, the body gets accustomed to Subutex and addiction begins.

Dependence on Subutex is equal to drug addiction, which is an example of shooting oneself on the leg. So what is the way forward?

Our Subutex Detox Program

Addiction to Subutex in the first place is a result of a lack of a proper drug detoxification plan. Our Subutex detox involves a well-detailed schedule that helps patients detox from drugs.

Our Subutex Detox program involves;


Patients are first of all examined by professionals,  to know the level of Subutex addiction. This is done to analyze the best treatment procedure to be taken for individual patients.


After series of tests and analyses are done, the best course of action is determined. Some patients require outpatient treatment while some require inpatient programs.

Depending on the level of alcohol, and drug dependency, a combination of both programs are diagnosed.

Withdrawal Management

The expected reaction of the body to detoxification is withdrawal.

We have tested methods of helping patients in this dreary period. Physical, emotional, and mental activities are introduced.


During this process of detoxification, different therapy sessions in different settings are set up just as in alcohol detox treatment centers.

Individual therapy sessions with therapists, group sessions with other patients with the presence or sometimes absence of a therapist. Different methods are tried out just to achieve the detoxification goal.

Recreational and Productive Activities

Our Subutex detox program caters to our patient's mental and physical health in this important period of their lives.

Activities such as exercise, yoga, singing, dancing, painting, etc. And the teaching of useful skills. This will help to suppress the severity of the withdrawal period.

Transition Support

After the process of Subutex detox has been completed with success, another phase begins.

This stage involves series of counseling, practicals, and training that is needed by patients to thrive after the program.

Education on alcohol abuse and alcohol abuse disorder treatment is done.

We fully understand how hard detoxification of a drug can be, we have set up a program that helps the process to be easier to achieve. Contact Chapter Recovery Center for best addiction therapies. Receive a free consultation and verify your insurance: 877-recovery/877-732-6837

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