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Radiesse fillers Central Jersey

Radiesse fillers Central Jersey

Radiesse Fillers in Central Jersey: Things to Know

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you feel as old as you look? You might be surprised to know that many of your friends and neighbors feel the same way. Fortunately, Radiesse fillers in Central Jersey can help you do something about it.

What is Radiesse?

If you ask a scientist, they will tell you that Radiesse is a latex-free, semi-solid, non-pyrogenic, cohesive subdermal injectable solution whose principal ingredient is a bio-compatible material called synthetic calcium hydroxylapatite. It's been in medical use for more than two decades, but it's still a mouthful to say.

Radiesse is FDA approved for the long-lasting correction of severe facial folds and deep wrinkles. One of the benefits of Radiesse fillers in Central Jersey is the way that they can be injected into a diverse range of facial regions, including glabellar lines, buccal fat pads, nasolabial folds, and around the chin. Radiesse may also be use to correct the appearance of acne scars.

According to the National Institutes of Health, the effects of Radiesse fillers in Central Jersey or anywhere may last from 12 to 18 months. The NIH also notes that Radiesse is an effective soft-tissue filler for its low rates of side effects, bio-compatibility and overall longevity.

What is Radiesse made from?

Radiesse fillers in Central Jersey are comprised of minute, calcium-based microspheres that are suspended in a water-based injectable gel. Similar to the calcium that is naturally found in the body, the microspheres and carrier gel in Radiesse are eventually absorbed.

How does Radiesse work?

After injection, Radiesse fillers Central Jersey plump up the skin and give it a smoother look. Over time, Radiesse stimulates the body to produce its own collagen, thereby improving facial appearance over the long haul.

Does Radiesse treatment hurt?

Any time a needle in injected, it's uncomfortable. Although a typical treatment lasts less than one hour, many patients can't stand that much discomfort. You may be glad to know that Radiesse in Central Jersey is FDA approved to mix with an anesthetic called lidocaine. With this mix, most of the discomfort typically associated with Radiesse treatment is eliminated.

Is Radiesse right for everyone?

No single cosmetic treatment is right for every person. Radiesse Central Jersey should not be used by anyone who has severe allergies or a history of anaphylactic shock. It is worth noting that Radiesse is not approved for for persons under the age of 18 or for pregnant or nursing women.

Things to reveal to your aesthetician

Before you receive Radiesse in Central Jersey or anywhere, be sure to let your aesthetician know about any blood thinners you take. Certain medications may interfere with blood clotting and may contribute to excessive bruising at the injection site.

We are Central Jersey Aesthetics and we'd love to help you feel more positive about your appearance If you look older than you feel, be proactive and contact us at your earliest convenience. We offer a full range of beautifying aesthetic treatments, including Radiesse in Central Jersey.

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