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Population Health Management

Population Health Management

Certain important decisions determine the outcome of a medical facility, either the financial aspects or the patient's wellbeing can play a pivotal role in ensuring a facility’s growth. When a medical facility frequently runs at a loss or patients do not get appropriate attention due to the physician’s inability to properly organize his or her schedule to the patient’s interest, it is essential to have a proper online system that caters for daily services of customers with no hassles what so ever.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) contains information specific to a patient, which may include contacts information, physician orders, and prescriptions, medical bills, date of discharge as well as other vital details concerning the patient. Health-EC, which is a population health management platform that allows for easy integration of Electronic Medical Record (EMR). This helps to reduce paperwork and frequent cases of misplaced patient’s medical information due to a poor or no proper storage system. As part of every new or existing independent medical practice, establishing a software that handles patients scheduling, billing, and patient’s information is imperative.

The population health management software aids in these areas to reduce the workload and helps initiate certain services quicker. Services such as capturing patient’s data and vital information and handling patients bill. These are appropriate steps Pennsylvania Clinical Network take to help manage and monitor patient’s different histories and other delicate information, all members of the Pennsylvania Medical Society are always welcome to join our platform to enhance their healthcare delivery.

What other medical services do we offer our members?

The population health management platform is just one of our many services, our independent medical practitioners also have a higher value-based income and shared savings potential. Our transparent support system allows for easy access to data that helps understand every patient’s cost of care. This means medical practitioners can now have an online dashboard that shows the total cost of care specific to each patient, which makes the point of payment a more pleasurable experience to both parties.

Why should you have confidence in our service?

The Pennsylvania Clinical Network ensures participation of in shared-savings is made transparent. This means members can be certain of a network of credible individuals who are only interested in the success of every member. The Pennsylvania Medical Society being a strong advocate and a voice for all physicians in Pennsylvania is a strong supporter of the Pennsylvania Clinical Network. We are backed by their experience and professional expertise, which further confirms our unbiased and unending services to all independent medical practitioners in the big city. Merging the best of both fields; a private or independent practitioner who enjoys benefits of a larger medical institution while retaining full ownership of their private medical practice is what Pennsylvania Clinical Network aims to achieve.

 For new and existing independent medical practitioners, the burden of running a facility and operating a system that aligns with recent practices could be reduced by being a part of a brand that supports and also help increase revenue generation is important to ensure the stability of the center.

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Population Health Management
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