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Outpatient Rehab Orange County

Outpatient Rehab Orange County

As the leading outpatient rehab in Orange County, Crescent Moon Recovery offers people access to some of the most advanced rehab facilities in the industry. Our job is to help people manage their addiction, control their mental issues, and embrace a stable, balanced, and positive lifestyle moving forward. And it all begins with our outpatient treatment.

Who can join the outpatient treatment?

There are generally two types of individuals who qualify for the outpatient treatment:

  1. Those who have already completed the inpatient program – This category includes individuals with severe and advanced alcohol or drug addictions. They were facing severe withdrawal symptoms and required inpatient treatment to stabilize and overcome the withdrawal phase. After completing the inpatient treatment, joining our outpatient program will provide them with the structure and support they need to continue the recovery journey over the years.
  2. Those with mild-to-moderate addictions – Unlike the previous category, these individuals have decided to begin the rehab before their condition aggravates. The outpatient treatment is perfect for that since it’s ideal for addressing addiction conditions in the incipient phases. This is our preferred way of treating substance addiction, providing patients with the necessary tools to prevent their condition from becoming a life-or-death situation.

If you experience any form of withdrawal symptoms, joining the outpatient program early is your best bet. The recovery journey will be a lot easier, and you will prevent potential health complications along the way.

How the outpatient program works

Our outpatient rehab in Orange County divides into three core programs:

  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) for individuals who have just completed the inpatient treatment or need outpatient, yet high-intensity rehab services
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for those who are more stable and only require minimal supervision and clinical assistance
  • Outpatient program coming as the final stage of rehab when patients have already rebuilt their lives and only need marginal assistance and guidance

Our outpatient treatment offers several recovery modalities, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, family therapy, individual counseling, recreational activities, medication management, etc. All these procedures aim to help you:

  • Identify and address co-occurring disorders – Most long-term addiction victims struggle with mental problems like PTSD, internalized trauma, anxiety, depression, etc. Our program aims to assess and address these problems to eliminate the triggers for addiction and ensure a balanced and positive recovery experience.
  • Promote independence and self-sustainability – You will learn how to take care of yourself, control your harmful cravings, impulses, and behaviors, and mature during the recovery process. This approach will also help you become more responsible and disciplined along the way.
  • Understand sobriety – Sobriety isn’t a goal but a way of life. It is about self-control, discipline, responsibility, and emotional and spiritual maturity. We strive to support patients during their recovery journey and help them achieve a more stable and positive lifestyle over the years.

If you’re interested in our outpatient rehab in Orange County, contact Crescent Moon Recovery and discuss your problems with our clinicians. You can make a rehab appointment today and come to our center for assessment and treatment planning when you’re ready.

Outpatient Rehab Orange County
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Outpatient Rehab Orange County
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