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Mole Removal Frisco

Mole Removal Frisco Rodgers Dermatology offers mole removal at their Frisco location. If you’ve been searching for the right facility to trust with your mole removal, consider coming in to seek with the qualified staff at Rodgers Dermatology or visit where you’ll find a wealth of information on the benefits of having your mole removed.

Most moles are harmless, however if you happen to notice a change in size, shape, color or texture in a mole, it could be an indication that it is a cancerous growth and should be looked at immediately. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Rodgers as soon as possible to learn more.

While most moles do not present any danger, there are some moles that have a higher than average chance of becoming cancerous. These include:

- Congenital Nevi, which are moles that have been present since birth. The larger their size, the greater the risk they carry for developing into skin cancer.

- Atypical Dysplastic Nevi, which are irregularly-shaped moles that are larger in size than regular moles. They may appear to have dark brown centers with light, uneven borders

- A higher frequency of moles; those who have 50 or more moles are at a greater risk for developing skin cancer.

It’s essential to keep an eye on your moles so you can catch any changes occurring with them early on. Rodgers Dermatology recommends doing a self-check on a monthly basis, including all areas that don’t have sun exposure. The American Academy of Dermatology provides a simple guide to assess whether a mole may be becoming cancerous:

- Asymmetry: The mole is not symmetrical in shape, size or color
- Border: The edges of the mole may appear irregular or blurred
- Color: The mole is not the same color throughout
- Diameter: The mole is larger than one quarter of an inch in size
- Elevation: A flat mole may become elevated or raised from the surface of the skin

There are numerous reasons to consider mole removal at Rodgers Dermatology in Frisco that go beyond medical necessity, although it should be stressed that any mole displaying risk factors should be examined immediately by a certified dermatologist. You’ll also benefit from mole removal in the following ways:

- Shaving will become much easier, since protruding moles can hinder the path of the razor’s blade and make shaving difficult.
- Mole removal leaves smooth, clear skin, always one of the biggest reasons to opt for removal.
- Moles can be irritating, especially when they exist in an area that causes abrasion, such as under an area where jewelry is worn or under clothing tags.
- Moles that grow in places that are inconvenient can be painful.

Contact Rodgers Dermatology about mole removal in their Frisco facility by calling 972-704-2400 or visit online at, where you have the option of scheduling a very affordable online visit with Dr. Rodgers from the convenience of your home. Simple click on “online Visit’ on the home page to begin the process or schedule your visit by phone. Mole Removal Frisco
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