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Medical Transcription Company

Medical Transcription Company Searching for a medical transcription company can be frustrating, especially if you have been doing business with an agency that was not able to deliver on the standards your facility expects. When accuracy matters, call DoctorDocs.

Technology has brought with it changes in the transcription field, with more and more facilities seeking out electronic medical records. That’s not a problem for DoctorDocs’ professional transcribers. They offer EMR, Billing and Coding and completed medical transcription services designed to make life a lot easier for your agency.

If you’re wondering why DoctorDocs is more accurate than almost any other transcription service out there, the answer is simple- two heads are better than one. Multi-level proofreading makes all the difference in quality. Documents are typed by experienced, client-assigned medical transcriptionist team. The file is then released to their Editing Queue, where an editor reviews every single document while listening to the entire audio.

DoctorDocs has been serving the medical community for more than 10 years and has gained the trust of a great deal of medical facilities, organizations and professionals for one reason only: They are able to deliver the high-quality results medical facilities are looking for.

DoctorDocs’ Billing and Coding services benefits:

- Billing and Coding
- Revenue Cycle Management
- Increase profits
- ICD-10 Ready
- Free STI EMR that comes with their Billing and Coding package

DoctorDocs’ Medical Transcription Company benefits:

- 24 hour turnaround time
- 7 days a week service
- Exclusive multi-level process
- Superior quality results
- Over 10 years in business
- Always available customer service
- IntraScript Online Transcription

DoctorDocs’ Electronic Medical Records:

- Federal law will require all practices to soon use EMRs
- DoctorDocs is partnered with STI ChartMaker for EMR, ranked within the to 30 in the nation
- Efficient and easy for your staff to learn

DoctorDocs has been a high-quality medical transcription company since 2003; with more than 13 years of experience in the industry. Clients find it encouraging to learn that DoctorDocs is still serving many original clients who have been with them since the beginning. Being partnered with STI ChartMaker EMR enables their transcriptionists to provide an HIPAA and US Government Compliant EMR and Practical Management Software.

Turnaround time is critical in the medical field; DoctorDocs understands that you need to know the information that you dictated and sent in today will be ready for review tomorrow. If the company you’re now using is not able to provide you with overnight services, the fact is that the quality of their delivery is lacking. DoctorDocs can handle your medical transcription quickly and accurately. They offer guaranteed overnight service and will deliver directly to your computer.

Call the leading medical transcription company at 877-342-5236 today to find out how they can serve your facility better. When accuracy matters, there’s no better company to hire than DoctorDocs.

Feel free to visit online at, where you’ll find a complete list of their services and an informative blog that may answer many of your questions before you call. Medical Transcription Company

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