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Independent Living Ames

Independent Living Ames

Old age is all about having a relaxed and peaceful time. An independent living center is a great place to have a life where you can actively participate in social and recreational activities without any worries about household chores. This keeps them mentally and physically active, healthy, and happy.

Frequently Asked Questions!

If you are looking for the best assisted living facilities in Ames IA, then Northridge Village is the finest center of Independent living Ames for your loved one. With all the benefits that our independent living center can offer we know that moving to a new place can be an overwhelming experience. Read our frequently asked questions about our Independent living facility.

Q) Who is eligible to live at an independent living center?

A senior citizen who is self-sufficient and can take care of their personal needs such as bathing, dressing, moving around the apartment, taking care of their medications, etc can avail of this program. People who can manage their finances have a basic know-how of technology are eligible and can enjoy the perks of our independent living center.

Q) What are the age criteria for independent living residents?

Most of our residents are between the 70s and 90s. If a person of this age requires assistance due to any medical condition then we suggest you look for our Ames Iowa assisted living program.

Q) Which activities and amenities do you provide to your independent living residents?

Residents can enjoy a pleasant time here. It will be like a vacation with no end to worry about. We provide indoor and outdoor recreational activities such as a spa, library, fitness center, gardens to have your morning and evening walks, a beautiful restaurant-style dining hall, and much more. We also arrange visits to local attractions, picnics, fishing, and boating expeditions, and other social and entertainment programs.

Q) What is the cost of Independent Living?

The cost may vary from community to community. Some prefer to get a smaller apartment whereas some want a large one with better amenities. The cost can range from $2000 to $8000 per month based on the luxuries you want to enjoy.

Q) Are pets allowed at your facility?

We want to give a home-like environment to our seniors living in Ames IA and believe that pets are a part of your family as well. Therefore keeping pets are allowed at your facility. The only thing we prefer is that your pet is properly vaccinated for the safety of others around you.

Q) Which safety measures are taken at Northridge Village?

We have cameras installed all over our entrances and facility to keep a complete check over the security of the facility and its residents. A thorough check is performed every night and morning to ensure that all members are well and healthy. We have an advanced fire extinguishing system, smoke detectors, and sprinkler systems in our facility.

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If you still have any query about our Ames Iowa assisted living facilities or want to have a quick tour of our facility visit our center or contact Northridge Village for the best independent and assisted living for seniors and individuals with personal care needs: Phone: (515) 219-4897

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