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Chronic Pain Management Spokane Wa

Chronic Pain Management Spokane Wa

Having to deal with chronic pain can cause hinders in anyone’s daily life. It can affect the way you live and cause you to miss out on things you love doing. However, there are ways to manage this pain. For those seeking out chronic pain management in Spokane, Washington, Spine Team Pain Center is there to help. Their team can help out with chronic pain in the back, neck, hip, shoulder, knee, elbow, head, and foot and ankle. These treatments can range from injections to plasma therapy.

What Is Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is defined by pain that affects the same area of our body for an extended period of time. While there is acute pain, which only lasts up to thirty days, and subacute pain that ranges from one to six months, chronic pain lasts for six months or longer. More than three million Americans are diagnosed with chronic pain every year, but this condition can also be self-diagnosed. This type of pain can be treated and managed, but it is not a curable condition.

What Causes Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain can be caused by a number of factors, with some being more serious than others. Since it is so hard to know what causes it, seeking out a medical expert is important to rule out more serious issues, such as cancer, ulcers, or even diabetes. While some types of pain may come from less serious factors, such as wearing high heels often, having bad posture, or just sleeping on a bad mattress, chronic pain doesn’t usually have such a simple cause. It tends to be complex and mysterious, so it is important to work with a professional to treat and manage it. Whatever the cause may be, Spine Team Pain Center is committed to treating it.

Can Chronic Pain Be Managed At Home?

While it is important to seek professional treatment from a management team, chronic pain can be treated at home. Many ways of at home management may help one type of pain, while not doing anything for another. Mediation and breathing exercises may be able to relieve some pain, as these activities are meant to help our bodies relax. Reducing stress may also help, as being under a lot of stress is known to make chronic pain flair up. While less stress won’t make the pain go away completely, it might make it easier to live with.

Exercising and being physical are also good management tasks, as being active causes our brains to release natural endorphins. However, certain health problems may limit the type of exercise you are able to go. A support group full of other people who suffer from chronic pain can also help. It won’t physically relieve the pain, but it can offer a sense of community. This will help you to feel less alone with your struggle and can make managing it feel like an easier task.

Even though there are several at home treatments for chronic pain, it is important to seek help from professionals such as the stuff at Spine Team Pain Center.

Chronic Pain Management Spokane Wa

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