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Botox Central Jersey

Botox Central Jersey

Botox central jersey

If you have been considering facial treatments that may improve your appearance as well as your outlook on life in general, you may be thinking about Botox. Central Jersey Aesthetics sees a lot of new patients who want this sort of facial fix.

What, exactly, is Botox?

Central Jersey women and men achieve face-changing results with the introduction of Botox to their skin. But what, exactly is it? Botox cosmetic treatment is derived from a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum. The toxin is very diluted before being injected into forehead skin, between the eyebrows and around the eyes.

How does it work?

When injected into particular places in the skin, Botox temporarily blocks the nerve impulses responsible for certain facial expressions that can lead to wrinkling. If you don't make those expressions (many of which are involuntary) you won't form the wrinkles that come with them over time.

Does Botox in Central Jersey hurt?

Because it is injected by way of a hypodermic needle, the application of Botox may cause some amount of temporary discomfort. First FDA approved to treat an eyelid condition known as blepharospasm, Botox is now used as medicine to treat excessive sweating and some forms of chronic migraine headaches.

Will your face be frozen and expressionless?

Nope. With a moderate amount of Botox, Central Jersey patients will not lose the individual personality of their own face. Yes, Botox will restrict some facial movement, but those are generally the wrinkle-forming muscles that encourage the formation of crow's feet around the eyes, horizontal wrinkles across the forehead and deep furrows between the brows. Generally, Botox doesn't affect other facial muscles, so you will still be able to show your emotions.

Keep your expectations reasonable

Botox in Central Jersey is not a miracle cure. It won't totally eliminate old wrinkles nor will it completely prevent the formation of new ones. What Botox can do is improve the appearance of wrinkles by relaxing the underlying muscles. A more youthful and vibrant face can indeed be yours, and Botox may be a fine facilitator to that happy end.

Is Botox in Central Jersey just for women?

Not at all. In fact, Botox is becoming more popular with men all the time. Men who are wary of having a face lift or a tummy tuck don't bat an eye when it comes to sitting for a gentle and effective Botox treatment at Central Jersey Aesthetics. If you want to call it “Brotox” we won't tell anyone.

Millions of people have successfully undergone Botox treatments. Of course, Botox in Central Jersey or anywhere is safest when handled by a plastic surgeon, board certified dermatologist or highly trained aesthetician.

We are Central Jersey Aesthetics and we've been helping people feel better about their appearance for more than three decades. If you don't feel as pretty as you used to, and you want to take a proactive step toward doing something about it, contact us without delay. We offer a range of prettifying treatments, including Botox in Central Jersey.


Botox Central Jersey

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